A More Perfect Union
Hope Mirlis

Congratulations. Now, put down your to-do list and take a breath. It’s time to celebrate the richness of your union as you fully explore this exciting time in your engagement.

Together, let’s get you ready not just for your wedding, but your marriage. I’ve created a practice to join the body, mind and soul through officiating wedding ceremonies, pre-marital counseling and a special yoga practice for weddings! These are powerful ways to celebrate your love and fully acknowledge the support of those closest to you.

Whether you’re getting married on the Highline, a hip new loft, or doing a vow renewal in an intimate garden or some exotic destination, together we can create something memorable and dare I say…magical!

My services are not mutually exclusive, so if you are looking for an officiant, but no pre-marital counseling, let me know. If you already have an officiant, but want some yoga the morning of, just say the word. Click on the services that interest you in the header above for more information.

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Hope Mirlis is a virtual smorgasbord. A handful of educator, a scoop of performer, a dash of administrator and a whole lot of positive, nurturing energy.

After growing up in New York, she spent over a decade in Atlanta where she co-founded a theatre company, ran a catering business, and performed and choreographed at some amazing theatres.

After a brief stint on the West Coast to get her MFA and embrace her inner “chill,” she’s back in her native New York bringing balance and inspiration into marriage preparation and working with grooms and brides to embrace ritual and create unique wedding ceremonies. Hope is a registered NY Wedding Officiant, an Ordained Minister, a Certified Yoga Instructor and has been working with couples across the country since 2009.