A More Perfect Union
Hope Mirlis

As an Officiant, I instill an atmosphere of relaxation, humor, and honesty – including only what you want for your special day. I bring a sense of maturity and versatility to the wedding ceremony, creating a warm and unique experience for you and your guests. While I am based in NYC, I am more than happy to travel wherever your wedding may be.

It’s your day. Let it reflect who you are as a couple.

I approach the ceremony from a secular/non-denominational place, but am happy to include anything from a religious tradition, if you have one.

I certainly draw upon my theatre and public speaking experience and can easily help plan the look, sound and feel of the ceremony. If a highly choreographed procession is what you want, great. If you need assistance with music or reading selections, just say the word. Or heck, if you want to get married on a Broadway stage and want a ceremony to match, let’s do it!

My Approach:

Your union is the foundation for the wedding ceremony. This is true if it’s your first wedding or a vow renewal. The ceremony can be as traditional or untraditional as you’d like. Together, we will discuss mood and style, the rituals you want and potential inclusion of family and friends. Then we will work largely through email to finalize the ceremony. I am an active listener and I pride myself in creating ceremonies couples adore, even before they know exactly what they want. Shoot me an email or give me a call, so we can discuss how you envision your ceremony.

Ceremony Consultation
It has long been a trend for couples to ask friends to officiate their weddings. I get it. It’s cost effective and potentially more personal. Heck, I even became an officiant to marry a friend. While it’s an exciting challenge for a friend or a family member, it can be daunting. I recently added Ceremony Consultation to my list of services to help “friend officiants” capitalize on their personalities to create a great ceremony. We will also work on speaking with confidence and taking on the legal and administrative issues with ease. If you or any couple you know may be going that route, feel free to contact me!