A More Perfect Union
Hope Mirlis

Focus on your marriage, not just on the wedding.

While I do not require pre-marital counseling for the couples I marry, I HIGHLY encourage it. Some couples approach me to work on current challenges, but most just want a clean bill of health and new techniques for the toolbox to keep the relationship strong as they grow and mature. Pre-marital counseling sessions are secular in nature and focus on the 9 main causes of divorce in America.  We take the necessary time to explore the issues that affect your relationship most.

Have you shared your expectations of your relationship? Are there questions that may have been swirling around since you started dating that you’ve yet to ask?  More importantly, are you prepared for the day AFTER your wedding? Even couples that have been together for years feel the chance to speak openly and honestly about how you envision the future is invaluable as you commit to a life together.

Individual sessions start at $175, with a package of FIVE (5) weekly hour-long sessions starting at $850.

These sessions can either be done in-person at my home office in Washington Heights or online through video chat anywhere in the world.

Discussing The Big Issues is not only encouraged, it’s imperative. I make it super easy.

In-person. Video chat. Counseling to fit your schedule. Contact me for your complimentary consultation!

“I just love how Hope connects to people and makes you feel calm and connected to the world somehow! She definitely has the ability to bring ease and calm into chaotic and challenging moments.” – Weihaur Ralph Lau